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HanDBase on WebOS through Classic

PostPosted: Fri Apr 23, 2010 8:08 pm
by moneil
I thought I'd report on my experience / impressions so far, using HanDBase Professional for Palm OS on my Palm Pre WebOS device (Sprint), for almost a month now. It is really working well, and I'm glad I went that route for the moment.

I perhaps would have considered an I-Phone, if AT&T offered a decent signal where I live, but they have too many "dead zones" here at the moment, and users report "slow speed" at times in their "good zones". The HTC Hero (Android) was another phone I really liked, but waiting several months to use HanDBase again would be too excruitiating ;) I miss some features of my Blackberry, especially direct usb cable synch with the computer, but as has been discussed in another thread, and after trying a trial download, the Blackberry version of HandDBase was just too feature lean, and, especially, too slow (a function of the BB operating system, not HanDBase, as has been explained). I'm also thinking that if I had gone with any of the above three options, I would have seriously missed forms. I didn't use them much when I first upgraded to the professional version, but I've turned into somewhat of a "forms junkie" the past couple of years, on some of my databases. If I had to use a version without forms, I'd probable want to redo the structure of several of my databases, especially since I had started using the tab control functions a lot.

Running HanDBase for Palm OS on WebOS through the Classic emulator has been working well. Some here, and on other forums, have mentioned that it can be "unstable" at times, and I've had it shut down arbitrarily, but very, very rarely. Computer types I know say that is an issue with emulators. The biggest issue I've observed with Classic is that Palm OS programs are designed for a stylus device, and using them on a touch screen can be tedious. HanDBase is less cumbersome than other programs, in this regard, and this is another area where a form with tab controls can be useful.

I noticed in the i-phone section the announcement of multi-tasking in the future. Web OS users enjoy that feature now :D, and I LOVE it. One can't multi-task within Classic, but Classic with HanDBase open, can be one of the cards open, together with other Web OS programs. I can be composing an e-mail or text, or writing a memo, and flip over to look up something in HanDBase, without opening or closing any programs. Likewise with a phone call.

I can understand where some would not like the Pre as a piece of hardware (I would have gotten the Pixi, if it had wi-fi), especially the keyboard, but of the current options, it seemed the best compromise for the time. At least I'm not one of those here complaining about 1) no HanDBase, or 2) slow HanDBase, or 3) HanDBase without forms :mrgreen:

Anyways, I just wanted to report that HanDBase for Palm OS works well on Web OS through Classic, and that may be a good option for some people. I am looking forward to seeing what's available in phone hardware, operating systems, and HanDBase versions 11 months from now when I'm eligile for another phone upgrade (and will probable be in the mood to use it).

Re: HanDBase on WebOS through Classic

PostPosted: Fri Apr 23, 2010 11:39 pm
by dhaupert

Thanks so much for the great post. Hope you don't mind that I moved it to the proper place in our forums!

I think based on the parameters you had (needs forms, needs good coverage in your area, etc) you made the best choice. There is no denying that the Palm OS version has the most features and functionality of any version- and it should, since it's been in development the longest.

By the time your contract is up, hopefully the iPhone version will have forms capabilities and multitasking, and the Android version will be shipping.

Have a great weekend!

Re: HanDBase on WebOS through Classic

PostPosted: Sat Apr 24, 2010 11:40 am
by moneil
Thank you for your comments, I'm sorry I posted in the wrong place.

I am looking forward to what's coming up, as nothing currently on the market is really want I want. I am perhaps a bit of a troglodyte, but if I could "merge" a good Blackberry with a Palm OS device, and get it into a not so bulky package (one of the reasons I never went the Treo route, too bulky), and have the whole thing usb cable synch with my laptop (not everybody lives in a 24/7 "hot spot with bars" world ~ I certainly don't), I'd be perfectly happy :mrgreen: , (though I am really liking the multi-tasking of Web OS).

I respect that you have to "follow the market", but I'm hoping the market will allow a Web OS version in the near future. Like all the new versions, it will be a work in progress, but I'm guessing I could then, instead of cross-grading, just buy a full HDB Web OS version, and run both it, and HDB Palm OS through Classic, and use one or the other, depending on the features I needed, until the Web OS version caught up.

There is speculation in the world that Web OS may show up on a tablet or pad device, and I hope it does. If that doesn't happen in the near future, I'm probable going to seriously look at an i-pad as an additional device, and would certainly get HanDBase for it.

I will say that I've bought a lot of Windows desktop and Palm OS software (usually looking for programs that have have versions for both) over the years, and HanDBase has been the most attractively priced, full featured, best value product I've ever owned in this category. Thanks for the good work!

Re: HanDBase on WebOS through Classic

PostPosted: Tue Apr 27, 2010 6:20 am
by dhaupert
Thanks for the kind words. Since this business started on Palm based software, I have the same hopes that you do. Somehow it seems less and less likely that the market will move back towards Palm, unfortunately. They did a nice job with their WebOS, and even the devices to some degree, but they made a few critical mistakes that I am afraid will cost them their business in the long run. Hope I and others are wrong about that.

Have a great week.

Re: HanDBase on WebOS through Classic

PostPosted: Sat Jul 10, 2010 6:29 am
by countrydoc
I would echo the request for native webOS support. With HP buying palm it looks as if webOS has legs :shock: :D
Please reconsider webOS handbase development.

Re: HanDBase on WebOS through Classic

PostPosted: Mon Jul 12, 2010 10:39 am
by dhaupert
Hi John,

Thanks for your vote- I'm certainly watching this space with interest and hope. Unfortunately it will take a great deal more of customers before we can consider this platform, but fortunately HP spent enough money that I am hopeful they have big plans for it beyond adding an app platforms to their web connected printers!!