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Postby VorlonShadow » Fri Oct 02, 2009 6:29 am

I'm coming from the Palm world, and HanDBase on that platform was VERY NICE! Unfortunately, my Treo died when I tried to take it fishing last weekend. I have to say that unless I'm missing a lot of hidden features in the BB version, I am very disappointed in HanDBase for BB.

I have a whole list of problems and things I can't seem to do in the BB version. I'm going to post separate messages, however. Perhaps HanDBase is in early development on the BB platform. In which case, I'll have to suffer with it until it gets up to the level of the Palm. That is what I did in the early days anyway.

OK, here's my question. This thing is so very slow. I have SEVERAL databases that have hundreds of records. When I perform a search, each time I press a key, it takes SEVERAL seconds before the correct record(s) show up. I also added a record to one of those database, and when saving, it said "please wait..." for a long time. Is there any way to speed this thing up?

Is there better documentation somewhere? If so, maybe it can answer a lot of my questions. The Getting Started manual was no help.

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Postby dhaupert » Fri Oct 02, 2009 12:16 pm

Hi Jesse,

Thanks for your plethora of posts today! On an otherwise normally pretty quiet day, you've upped the excitement level on this forum ;)

I wanted to address your posts in order that they were posted, but it would seem that the general consensus is that you're disappointed overall with the HanDBase for BB version as compared to your Palm version. I would not argue that in the slightest, the Palm version is 11 years old at this point and the BB version about 2 years. So there is a lot more sophistication, optimization, and features in the Palm version. Normally when we bring HanDBase to a new platform we have the ability to bring some knowledge and source code libraries from our prior versions, so that a lot of functionality can be added in a little time. Not the case in the BB version as BlackBerry only supports Java and not C++, and additionally does not support an arbitrary data file, and additionally does not support desktops writing data directly to the device- all our data has to be written on the fly by the BB program we wrote. So that means that the desktop communicates with the BB HanDBase and tells it what data it has, and the BB program writes it using the native APIs of the BB to store in their data storage. If this means nothing to you, my apologies, just trying to explain some of the differences between BB and other platforms we support. Overall, it meant starting all over from scratch on the handheld side, and doing so while juggling the fragmentation of our users across many platforms. In other words, things were a lot easier when we only had a Palm version to support- now we have Palm, Windows Mobile, WinMo Smartphones, BB, iPhone, and S60 among others like desktop and now discontinued platforms like UIQ.

I'm sorry if the above looks like one big excuse- I guess it really is to some degree! But that all said, the BB version is still being developed and improved. For example, the speed in editing or adding a record was optimized for the latest development version (see other posts on this topic in the forum). And over the course of the last few years, long time users will recall how much slower everything was in the very early releases. We've already done a lot of optimizations. The fact is that the BB device is still several orders of magnitude slower than the Palms from 10 years ago, at least for running programs from third party developers. This is because of the nature of the device only running interpretive language instead of truly compiled code, at least for developers.

In answer to your question, the Getting Started is the only manual. You're not missing any hidden features, everything is plain as day in the program, but it's just a subset of features from the Palm version!
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