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going back

PostPosted: Mon Apr 26, 2010 2:05 am
by palomartian
I replaced a hard drive. In the process of loading the desktop app I managed to put version on the phone. This one has the charming feature of going directly to the edit record mode when you "click" on a record in list view. Fine if one's typical behavior is changing his favorite brand of smoked gouda on a grocery list, maddeningly slow if one's database is substantial. Yes, I can click menu then view record, but I'd rather go back to a version where I'm not as likely to get stalled by the balky HDB/RIM OS interface. I realize this is nothing compared to the horror that is the hideously misnamed "quick search," but it's still annoying.

Re: going back

PostPosted: Tue Apr 27, 2010 6:23 am
by dhaupert
Unfortunately we don't have prior versions available for redownload unless the current version is a development version. Hopefully you have a backup of it somewhere and can reinstall from there!

Regarding the Quick Search- it's easy to disable that feature on large databases, just set Quick Search to 'No Field' and it won't try to search any fields on that database.