?? Relationship between DATABASE and FILE names ??

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Re: ?? Relationship between DATABASE and FILE names ??

Postby Shepherd Jim » Fri Jan 14, 2011 11:36 am

kronhead wrote:...<snip>...
Also - I love user forums - but I also like direct support requests, when I have a specific problem - and it's not clear if there is a difference at DDH, or which I should use ...

Hey Dan:

Hope you won't mind me jumping in here with a few thoughts.

There was a time on the HanDBase forums when you'd ask a question and two or three expert users would post answers/comments/suggestions BEFORE Dave or one his DDH crew could get to you. Most of the experts seemed to be guys who had businesses setting up data management systems for others. I've been wondering where those guys have gone!? ...I miss them.

Lately, for better or for worse, the DDH Forum has been a DIRECT support system -- I hate to think how much time dealing with all of us and our troubles steals from ongoing research and development.

I tried to track through the labyrinthine abyss of your trials with your database "exercise_v#" and my head started to swim. At this point, my suggestion would be to "drop back and punt." Grab a clean, accurate copy of the database, save it off to the side, both as an HDB pdb AND exported as a csv; then delete ALL the old, unintended and weird versions of the database -- on both the phone/PDA and desktop. And then, start afresh, with a database and file sharing the same name (the way God intended it to be! lol). I'd be sure to use an underline ("_") vs. a blank space if you'll continue with that same, or a similar, name -- it may be old-fashioned but it'll never come back and bite you.

:oops: I used to preach that no filename should be longer than 8 characters, but I have given up on that -- though there still are programs whose "Open" and "Save As" dialog windows will not display filenames much longer than 8 chars. ...don't get me started on the Apple people who consider three character file extensions an unnecessary affectation! :evil:

I've had to re-do any number of databases in this manner over the years and usually find the process rejuvenating -- like Spring Cleaning. It's a good time to make any changes or additions.

As I'd said earlier in this thread, I've really just come to full realization of the "full story" when it comes to database and file names and their independence from one another.

The other "toe stumper" that I'm still trying to get a full handle on is when database changes, either structure mods or record adds/deletes, on one platform are truly synced onto another ...and when they're not. There's this thing about the pdb version on the device being the "primary" wherein it does not permit itself to be over-written by changes made to the database on the desktop that I yet to have locked down in my brain....
i wish i knew then what i know now
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Re: ?? Relationship between DATABASE and FILE names ??

Postby dhaupert » Fri Jan 14, 2011 2:53 pm

kronhead wrote:Dave - you do a great job of support, always with good humor - that's why I said I did not want to make remarks I would regret. But I find this part of Handbase unnecessarily complex, undocumented, and prone to error - errors by ME. (Seems like I had some other complaints, too - fortunately, they have been forgotten.)

I'm with you on this. There are many areas of HanDBase that could be better documented. And there are areas of flexibility which allow for this sort of confusion. It's tricky balancing out flexibility in the program with user friendliness, and I know I've fallen short in many ways over the years. I typically err on the side of flexibility and not bombproofing. I think companies like Apple go with the latter and fare better than I have so I'm trying to learn from that!

Also - I love user forums - but I also like direct support requests, when I have a specific problem - and it's not clear if there is a difference at DDH, or which I should use ...

This one seems easy to me as on our support page we offer both as options- if you feel you have a problem that needs technical support, the support mail seems like the better option. If you have something you'd like to discuss with other users or the developer (ie, me) than the forums are a better place. There are many posts on this forum that are more tech support in nature- I don't disregard them or refer them to Brian in support, but rather try to just answer them here. But when someone needs tech support I suggest they peruse the Knowledgebase and these forums to see if it's already been answered, and then contact support if not. Again there is flexibility there as well- some people prefer group-talk to one on one so the forums are a better option for them.

Have a good weekend!
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