Adding multiple dates

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Adding multiple dates

Postby Panteleone » Thu Feb 03, 2011 7:09 pm

Is it possible to add cehck boxes, pop-up boxes or some other field to accommodate events that repeat every year? For example, I have a database that is made up of a list of club members. These members renew their membership every year by paying their dues, of course. In my database, I have a check box where I check if a member has paid his dues for the current year (2011). Well, next year it is a new year and, even thouugh the Paid Dues checkbox is checked, it really means nothing in the new year. Ideally, I would like to see either the checkbox cleared at the end of the year, or a new box be generated for the new year and every subsequent year. I see a problem with the latter approach, however, which will result in an almost infinite multiplication of check boxes (one for each yea onward...), probably not the smartest idea. Any suggestions?
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Re: Adding multiple dates

Postby curtterp » Thu Feb 03, 2011 10:18 pm

The way I would do this one, is to have multiple checkboxs, one for each year. Then using filters and Field width to reduce the amount of checkboxes you see in list view.

Here is how I would set it up

F1 - Text - Member First Name
F2 - Text - Memver Last Name
F3 - Checkbox - 2011
F4 - Checkbox - 2012
F5 - Checkbox - 2013
F6 - Checkbox - 2014
F7 - Checkbox - 2015

I would set Field Width for F4-F7 to 0. This will hide those checkboxes, and only show F3 (the current year) in list view.

I would set up 3 filters.
Filter one - Show all - No filters enacted so all Members will be shown, and use sorting on F2 (Last Name) alphabetical
Filter two - Show Paid - Filter on 2011, checkbox = checked, and use sorting on F2 (Last Name) alphabetical.
Filter three - Show unpaid - Filter on 2011, checkbox = unchecked, and use sorting on F2 (Last Name) alphabetical.

When you get to the next year, then set Field width to 0 for F3, and increase F4 so you can see the checkbox for 2012. Change the two filters to filter on 2012.

This way you have a history of who paid for which years. You can see this by editing the members record (field width does not apply to edit record)

This is only one way to do it, but it is simple and easy maintenence (at least easy maintenence in my mind)

Have a good day
Have a good day

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Re: Adding multiple dates

Postby dhaupert » Fri Feb 04, 2011 10:20 am

Good suggestions Curt. One other scenario is keeping a single year field and on January 1st (or thereabouts) using the 'Set Value To' function to set them all back to unchecked. Then you can continue use for the new year with the same field setup.
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