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Field format

Postby wdrspens » Sun Apr 17, 2011 3:40 pm

How do I ensure the field types in my csv file are correctly imported, specifically text, date, time, float, check-box and note fields. I have searched and searched your web site for the answer but cannot find anything. My recollection is that I use the types within <> but that does not work either before or after the field name.
Can I use spaces in the field name?
Can I use question marks in my field names for check-boxes?
Many thanks
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Re: Field format

Postby dhaupert » Mon Apr 18, 2011 10:59 am

Hi there,

Thanks for your question. We don't have a way to specify the field types in a CSV file. The format of the CSV file doesn't allow for this, though some developers break from the CSV format standards to add a line or way to do this. In HanDBase, when you import to a new database, the fields are imported as Text fields and then you can switch them in the HanDBase program to whatever you'd like- the values are converted when possible.

One of the other ways to import is to have a HanDBase database defined already and use that as the format for the import. In other words, you can import into a new database, change the field types, and then save that database. Next time, you can just import right into that existing database and the field data will be auto-converted into it's appropriate types. This can even be automated from the command line (see the docs for the commands used there).

You can indeed uses spaces in your field name. Just remember a CSV file has commas separating each item. If you want a comma in your field name, this can be done, but then you have to put quotes around the entry like this: "Last, First"

Hope this helps!
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