back up DBs to USB Flash Drive

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back up DBs to USB Flash Drive

Postby fritzmom » Mon May 23, 2011 12:07 pm

Hi All

My desktop Windows XP computer is giving me the Blue Screen of Death errors. It's gotten soooo bad that I'm afraid it's about to die. That would mean getting a new Win 7 computer (not a bad thing). But I've become parnoid....I have the iPhone Plus app on my iTouch and the Desktop version for Windows on the sick computer. I know that if the computer dies, I can reinstall the DBs from the handheld to the desktop, but what if the handheld should die also (the way things are going right now that's a good possibility LOL). I've emailed the DBs to myself so I have up to date DBs sitting in my email inbox. Is that a good enough backup if I should lose both the desktop and the handheld at the same time? The last sync to the desktop was done just prior to all the BSOD errors. Should I try to backup the DBs from the desktop to a USB Flash Drive? If yes, where do I find the DB data? I am afraid to try to sync with the desktop in case something (BSOD) should happen during the sync; loosing info on both desktop and handheld. I also have Full System and Incremental backups (done with Norton Ghost) on an external harddrive; again just prior to all the errors. My computer has been powered down for the last few days (I'm on hubby's right now) so I'm not sure if it will even power up. I just need the most up to date DB info so when it comes time to restore all the data to a new machine, it's all there.
Any and all help is Thanked For and Much Appreciated
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Re: back up DBs to USB Flash Drive

Postby dhaupert » Tue May 24, 2011 8:26 am

Hi Barb,

The Databases are stored in the folder: My Documents\HanDBase\Username (where username is the user name of the partnership you created). If you'd like you can just copy the entire HanDBase folder to a backup location- it has mainly databases and backed up images, and shouldn't eat up too much space!
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Re: back up DBs to USB Flash Drive

Postby lefulkerson » Tue May 24, 2011 1:15 pm

Backups are vital for users of HanDBase solutions and critical to developers of HanDBase applications. I purchased a cheap 4 port 2.0 USB adapter and have one 4GB flash drive and a separate Seagate 6GB drive attached to it.... Named Odd and Even, I daily copy the entire HanDBaseDev (my folder for all applications) to the appropriate USB drive based on odd numbered date or even numbered date and have some assurance of getting my latest files..... If the computer crashes and you cannot get the files from your mobile device, one quick copy from the flash drive to the new computer and you should be totally back in operation.... It's also good to copy all your downloads and your keys into a file on these devices, also... Good Luck.......
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