Form creation/Beginner's questions

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Form creation/Beginner's questions

Postby mohamedkennou » Tue Aug 21, 2012 10:51 am

I have been tasked with creating a feedback form using HanDBase which customers will be using to fill so looks are everything!
This is my first run in with the application so am still a bit of a newbie when it comes to functionality, a few basic questions which would go a long way in terms of how it looks and professionalism of the questionnaire.

1. How to create a drop-down list
2. How to lock a text field so only values from the pop-up can be used
3. How to add images to the form

Any advice that can be offered regarding this would be much appreciated.

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Re: Form creation/Beginner's questions

Postby dhaupert » Thu Aug 23, 2012 8:54 am

Hi there,

Thanks for your great questions. To answer them one by one:

1. Any text field or popup field can have a popup list. A text field can allow values entered manually or selected from the list, whereas the popup field only allows the choices in the popup field list. So use whichever is best and define your values in the field properties. On your form you have two options for displaying that list- one is a popup which shows with a small selector that can be pressed to bring up a floating popup list of your choices, and the other is a List box, which shows the popup list directly on the form (requiring more real estate but one less tap).

2. See above, but with a form you can control this even on a text field. Simply use a label instead of a text box for the text field and there will be no way to change the value other than the popup control you selected above.

3. There is a Picture control on a form. You can then assign the picture to be a hard coded photo/picture you have in the HanDBase photo library, or you can assign it to get the file path from a field, in which case you can tie it to a camera field, or some user defined way to specify a photo.

Hope this helps!
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