Syncing Desktop with Ipad

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Syncing Desktop with Ipad

Postby mohamedkennou » Thu Aug 23, 2012 5:49 am

Hi there,

I am trying to sync the Desktop version with an ipad version in order to deploy a set of databases amongst a number different ipads.
As I am still testing the app to see if it meets a set of requirements handed to me I am using the demo version of the desktop app.

I am able to open the database tables in the desktop version which was sent from the ipad but when I attempt to open the form which I had created on the ipad i get this message:

'ERROR: File selected is not a HanDBase 3.0 Database'

I am able to access the contect from the ipad via a browser but am unable to sync, is this because I am using the demo version?

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Re: Syncing Desktop with Ipad

Postby dhaupert » Thu Aug 23, 2012 8:46 am

Got an email with this exact question from the poster above, but for the benefit of others in the future, here was my response:

Thanks for your email and interest. Indeed the demo version of the desktop add-ons will work with the iPad version just fine. Make sure you're demoing either the Plus, Professional, or Enterprise add-ons and not the HanDBase Desktop by itself, which doesn't include any kind of sync. Once you're using those you just follow the steps in this quick start guide to perform a sync: ... Manual.pdf

That will back up your databases and forms both from the iPad to the desktop automatically.

There is one important concept to learn here and that is that the forms and the databases are separate files, though interlinked. So if for example you download the forms file to the desktop and try to open it directly in the desktop, you'll see an error like the one you quoted in your email. The forms file is not the database file, which is actually a separate file and can be downloaded via button right next to the option to download the form! Here's how you can tell which one you have:

If you database is named MyData you'd likely have a file named:
MyData.PDB - this is the database file that can be opened in the desktop or on the iPad.
MyData_HDF.PDB - this is the forms file that links to the above. You can download this or install this, but without the above file it's not of any use. The HanDBase program itself seeks this out when loading the above to see if there are any forms with it.

I hope this explains things better for you!
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