Feeling slightly stupid

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Feeling slightly stupid

Postby mmtrafford » Thu Sep 06, 2012 8:25 am

Hello, I've just bought desktop version 4.1.5d and have searched everywhere I can think of to find out how to import data from a simple MS Access database. A forum post mentions data exchange which is found in the tools menu but I have no tools menu and can't find data exchange anywhere on the DDH web site. Can anyone please help, I feel that I'm missing the obvious?!
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Re: Feeling slightly stupid

Postby dhaupert » Thu Sep 06, 2012 9:24 am

Hi there,

Thanks for your question and no, it's not a stupid one! HanDBase Desktop is kind of like the base model of a car. It runs and does everything you normally need, but it's missing bells and whistles found in higher models of its kind! HanDBase Desktop on it's own does not come with Data Exchange. You can either buy that by itself, or even better, within a package such as HanDBase Professional. This package includes:

HanDBase Desktop
HanDBase Forms designer for desktop
HanDBase Sync Exchange (sync your mobile database with Access directly and automatically)
HanDBase Data Exchange (tool to import/export databases to Access)

If you just purchased the desktop and would rather switch to a professional, please email support@ddhsoftware.com and we'll help you through a refund and a repurchase of the right package!

That said, you can actually import Access data to HanDBase and vice versa without all the above bells and whistles. The base model desktop includes the ability to import from CSV and export to CSV, and Access supports the same. So with some work and finagling you can proceed with this sort of thing. Let us know if you need help doing so!
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