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Importing data into related DB's

PostPosted: Tue Oct 23, 2012 5:24 am
by Will_Smyth
I have a single parent DB with 2 separate child DB's set up via related fields (as per relate sample app)
If I enter data manually into the DB's the relationships work correctly. If I import data from CSV's, as per my requirements,
only one of the relationships appears to work.
(I have tried the import with a parent and single child DB and it works correctly)

DB1 - Sales Account
Account Code
RelateToAddress <---------- Relationship to address DB2 via account-code
RelateToHistory <---------- Relationship to address DB2 via account-code

DB2 - Addess
Account Code
Post code

DB2 - Sales History
Account Code
Stock Code
etc etc

How can I get the data into my related files? Is there a "bug" or am I trying to do this in the wrong way?
When I carry out the import I do no import anything into the "RelateToAddress" or "RelateToHistory" fields,
I assume this is correct as the relationship "links" are maintained internally by handbase.
Any help of this matter would be gratefully received.