Some questions

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Some questions

Postby Sergiovery » Mon Mar 04, 2013 10:43 am

Hello there!
I'm trying to develop a HelpDesk calls collector. HandBase seems the best "DIY" solution in the Android environment. Very simple, rapid and quite well developed in order to create something more than a simple table for data-entry. Good job!

Here is the situation. Basically there are 2 DB:
Name (Text),
Company (PopUp pre-filled),
eMail (Text)
CallID (Unique),
User (DB Popup linked to the previous DB)
Title (Text)
Argument (PopUp pre-filled)
Detail (Note)
Opening date (Date)
Opening time (Time)
Call status (PopUp pre-filled)
Assigned to (PopUp prefilled)
Closing date (Date)
Closing time (Time)
Solution (Note)
Stored (Checkbox)

Here are the questions: being aware that the mentioned DBs will have to be used also on Android devices
1. I would like to make visible the fileds [Calls_DB].[Closing date] [Calls_DB].[Closing time] [Calls_DB].[Solution] only if a specific element of [Calls_DB].[Call status] ("Close") is selected, otherwise the mentioned fileds have to be not visible. Is it possible? How?
2. Once a new record is added (pressing OK to confirm the record new entry), I would like to automically send a mail to the user asking for the support referred in the call, in order to make him avare about the Call management sarting. The same once the call has been closed (selecting the specific element in the [Calls_DB].[Status]). Is it possible? How?
3. I've created a view to easely identify Pending Calls from the Closed and Aborted ones. In order to make readable the table, this view hide some fileds not relevant for the list evaluation. The problme is that, I easely identify the Pending Call to be modified, but, clicking on it, the editing dialog still hide that fileds that now I need to modify. It seems to me that I do have to return to the "full list view" in order to modify a record not easy to be found in such a long list...where am I wrong?

Thanks in advance for the support.
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Re: Some questions

Postby dhaupert » Tue Mar 05, 2013 2:58 pm

Hi there,

Thanks for your post and questions! Here are answered to your numbered questions:

1. There is a feature available on only certain versions of HanDBase called HanDBase Forms- these are custom designable data entry forms and they offer more configuration options than the Edit Record screen you are seeing. For example, you can create controls on the screen for edit boxes, popups, labels, etc, and a control can be set to be hidden depending on the value of another field. This accomplishes what you're after, but unfortunately it's not yet available for the Android version of HanDBase. Users have been asking for it and I hope we can soon accomodate their needs with this add-on, but right now it's not yet available. Since you posted this to the Windows section, I should add that on the Windows desktop this feature is indeed possible- the forms are part of the HanDBase Professional for Android Add-on that runs on your desktop and you can design and use forms on the desktop.

2. There is not a way to automatically email from a mobile device since the mail apps require user interaction to prevent apps from using your email account for spam purposes! There is a function you can tap under the menu to email a record while the record is open, but it will require some manual entry of the recipient email address and the button to actually send it!

3. Within the view are separate settings for whether a field is visible in the List View screen and the Edit Record screen. So you should be able to accomplish this. The Width in List view option in the field settings for a view lets you pick the width that will be shown for a field and setting this to zero will hide it from the List View. There is another option to show in Edit Record screen and this is a checkbox. When checked it will show in the Edit Record screen. So a field can be hidden from the List view via the first setting and shown when editing via the second setting!

Hope this helps.
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Re: Some questions

Postby Sergiovery » Thu Mar 07, 2013 12:52 pm

Thank you so much for the answers.
...even only 1 out of the 3 question is solved from my prospective, I don't change my positive opinion about HB!
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