Sharing databases between PCs and iPad

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Sharing databases between PCs and iPad

Postby BillB » Sat May 04, 2013 3:51 pm

Hi, I have been looking for an iPad database with form design, and it looks like HanDBase will fit the bill, so I am now also looking at linking to Windows. I am wondering whether HanDBase for Windows will meet our needs for a relational database shared between 3 PCs. Is there any way to synchronise data between PCs, either directly over the LAN, or using the iPad as a common sync source?

Also, do I understand correctly that if I purchase HanDBase Professional, this includes the windows desktop client as well as the syncing capability with iOS?

Many thanks :-)
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Re: Sharing databases between PCs and iPad

Postby Brian_Houghton » Tue May 07, 2013 8:15 am

Hi Bill,

Thanks for posting. We appreciate your interest in HanDBase.

First, yes, I do recommend the Professional addon for your Windows computer. It includes HanDBase Desktop, the wifi sync conduit and the desktop based forms designer.

Next, HanDBase doesn't really sync computer to computer, but if you employ the use of a cloud service like Dropbox or use a shared server, you are able to easily work around this issue. If you go this route, you will need to:

1. Store the database(s) in a common location that is accessible on each of the three computers
2. Go to Configure - iPhone Users - Edit Sync Settings to add a shared database (choose from the location you set up in step one)
3. Create a Custom User (see Configure menu) that points to the folder set up in step one to force those databases to show up in the DB Browser dialog - this ensures that you are editing the files that are being shared

Hope this helps.
Kind Regards,
Brian Houghton, DDH Software
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Re: Sharing databases between PCs and iPad

Postby BillB » Tue May 07, 2013 9:37 am

Brian, thanks for the reply. I can't quite understand what the instructions will do, as I don't have HandDBase for Windows installed yet, so a few questions:
1) Are you saying that 3 PCs will happily share a file over a network, or that it will be synced via an iOS device between the PCs?
2) Is there any limitation on simultaneous access to the database file? Must one user always save and close before another accesses the file?
3) Will I be able to test this with the demo version of HanDBase for Windows installed on a couple of PCs?

Incidentally - absolutely loving HanDBase for the iPad - it's making me wonder what else I can do with HanDBase, beyond the project I initially bought it for.
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