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ODBC-Sync Android - Access

Postby Friedhelm Achenbach » Wed Oct 09, 2013 3:16 am

Hi HDB friends,

some days ago, I discussed an issue of ODBC-Sync between Microsoft Access and HDB for Android (HDB Enterprise) with Brian Houghton. Please let me post the problem here, because I think not to be the only user in GOG (good old Germany). So maybe there are some German users out there, who encounter the same problem:

Upon ODBC-Sync of a HDB-PDB that contains a "float" field with an Access table, where the respective matching field is a "decimal" field, a sync error occurs. According to my experience, this error can only be avoided, if the "System Language" of the desktop operating system is transiently switched from "Deutsch (Deutschland)" to "Englisch (USA)". The HDB-Desktop-setting (Configure/Sync > Preferences > Format > Numeric Format set to "Comma separates Float values") is ineffective in solving the problem.

According to Brian, this seems to be a bug.

I could imagine that a different definition of the field format in Access could also solve the problem, avoiding the odd workaround with switching the system language. In my respective Access DB the field is defined as "Decimal" with an exactness of 10 and 2 places after decimal point. As in Access there is a variety of numeric formats available, I didn't check out the possible combinations with respect to their effect on ODBC-Sync.

BTW: All other DBs without Float field do ODBC-sync with Access perfectly.

Hoping for a solution.

Best regard
Friedhelm Achenbach
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