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Feature request: One button for sync with default settings

PostPosted: Mon Sep 22, 2014 3:00 am
by harryman
I would like very much to have a button in the menu area for syncing with my Android device. My suggestion would be to have the posibillity to set defaults for the most used sync and have a button for it.
I recently had a new laptop with 1920x1080 resolution display and now always the sync window is to small not showing the buttons for syncing, making it even worse. And HandBase does not remember the window size!

Probably most of you know, but just to illustrate the amount of steps:
1. click Configure/sync
2. click Android users
3. resize window: Manage Adnroid Users
4. click Synchronize
5. click Next (in case of syncing by Wifi)
6. Start HandBase for Andoid
7. Tap the sync icon

So in total 7 steps to make for a regular routine job :? . I realize there are much more important thing to ask, but anyway....

Re: Feature request: One button for sync with default settin

PostPosted: Mon Sep 22, 2014 5:47 am
by uboche
I'm very sympathetic with your request. If I remember, I submitted a similar request a while ago. To stay honest however, I have to state that I can do the sync with my iPad with a lot less steps.
I have an icon on my desktop for program "C:\Program Files (x86)\HanDBase4\iPhone\iPhoneSync.exe".

1. Double clicking that icon brings up window "Manage iPhone/iPod Touch Users".
2. Clicking the "Synchronize" button brings up window "Setup New iPhone/iPod Touch User - Step 2".
3. Clicking the "Next" button runs the sync.

Maybe there is a similar shortcut for Android users.

Re: Feature request: One button for sync with default settin

PostPosted: Tue Sep 23, 2014 6:14 am
by harryman
Thanks for the idea. This works similar for Android. It saves two clicks, but still I would prefer a shortcut for a complete automated sync.