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opening up a backed up DB without overriding the current DB

PostPosted: Fri Oct 24, 2014 9:36 am
by fritzmom
Hi All

Windows 7 32 bit
HanDBase Pro v 4.7.7 Build R2
iPod Touch app v 4.9.05

The databases on my Windows PC are backed up on the PC in another folder. I keep at least 3 months worth of back-ups. I have never had to open and use one of these back-ups (so far). However, today when I was in one of the DBs on my iTouch, I noticed that something wasn't 'right'; info that should have been updated didn't appear to be.

Since I've never had the opportunity to open up a backed-up DB this might seem like a silly question, but, can I open up one of the backed-up versions of that DB WITHOUT overriding the current copy of the DB just to look at the info for that particular record?

Any help is much appreciated

Re: opening up a backed up DB without overriding the current

PostPosted: Fri Oct 24, 2014 10:57 am
by Brian_Houghton
Hi Barb,

The databases you see listed in the DB Browser dialog, which are also the copies of the files on the computer that are being synced to the iPod Touch, are located on the computer at /Documents/HanDBase/*/ where * is the name of the iPod Touch.

The backups are kept in /Documents/HanDBase/*/Backups/

You can access these via the File / Open menu option.

The backup files will not overwrite the databases in the regular working directory of /Documents/HanDBase/*/ as long as you are simply opening them, viewing them and closing them.

Since you are having troubles with a database on your iPod Touch, the first thing I would do is open the desktop copy of the database that is listed in the DB Browser dialog. If that copy has all of the data and appears to work properly, select the File / Install menu option, choose the iPod Touch, close the install dialog, close the database and sync. Doing this will overwrite the incorrect copy on the iPod.

If the copy in DB Browser also does not work properly, go through your backups starting with the most recent until you find a working copy. Then use the File / Install menu option to queue it for overwriting of the handheld copy upon the next sync.

Re: opening up a backed up DB without overriding the current

PostPosted: Wed Nov 05, 2014 8:45 pm
by fritzmom
Thanks Brian, just what I needed to know!
Apologies for taking so long to acknowledge.