Can't find where my files are synching too

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Can't find where my files are synching too

Postby neurodoc » Tue Dec 01, 2009 8:49 pm

I sucesfully ran a handbase 3 plus desktop and handheld on a windows vista platform, and an HP Ipaq. The synchronization through the handbase conduit worked. Any changes made on desktop were updated to the handheld databases, and vice/versa. I let the battery on the IPAQ run down, and lost all the files. I had to upgrade to handbase4 classic/professional. It installed onto my handheld correctly. I had saved my databases to a separate directory. I can open these dbases in the desktop handbase, and get them saved to the handheld. I can open up the handheld. But any changes i make in the handheld databases, don't seem to update to the desktop (or else I am not looking at the right file). The synchronization conduit comes up, and it seems to be processing the databases (I can see the names), but I am not sure where those synchronized files are being placed on my VISTA machine. HELP.
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Re: Can't find where my files are synching too

Postby dhaupert » Tue Dec 01, 2009 11:49 pm

Hi there,

I don't believe HanDBase3 was fully Vista compatible. Even our original HanDBase4 was not either, though recent development versions were released to fix the issues there, but only for v4. Perhaps you can try version 4 and download the latest Development version to see if it handles things better?

The main issue is that Windows Vista virtualizes the Program Files folder, so it doesn't really exist at c:\program files like you had in XP or prior. You can also try doing a file search to see if you can find the PDB files. You can search for those modified within the last few days to find the ones and see where the folder truly is. It's usually under a very long name hidden within the user's folder.
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