Posiitioning and resizing controls in HandDBase Forms

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Re: Posiitioning and resizing controls in HandDBase Forms

Postby DavidDevaneyJr » Fri Mar 19, 2010 12:22 pm

geoff wrote:Dear David

I have installed the latest version (4.1.5d). I note the following behaviour:

1. On adding a User, the folder ..\My Documents\HanDBase\WindowsMobile\USERNAME is created - as you indicated
2. The Forms file (xx_HDF.PDB) seems to be added here now (this is a change)
3. The database (xx.PDB) is not added here,
4. I get a Synch error until I manually copy both the xxx.PDB and xxx_HDF.PDB files to this folder and the Synch folder.

Once I copy initial versions of files then all seems to work OK.

I note also that when starting the desktop, in the recent databases, I get both the "master" data base: eg:
...\My Documents\HanDBase\xxx.PDB

and the copy in the WindowsMobile folder, ie.
..\My Documents\HanDBase\WindowsMobile\USERNAME\xxx.PDB

My assumption is that it is the former one that one works on (edits etc) not the latter. In which case it should not appear in the Recent list??

I would appreciate an explanation or correction



Hi Geoff,

I see that you have HanDBase Professional. Is there any chance you have any of your databases set up in the Sync Exchange settings to point to a different folder? You can check this by going to Start--Programs--HanDBase 4--Synchronization--Windows Mobile and clicking Conduit Options. Then click the Sync Exchange button. If you see any of your databases in that list you can highlight them and then look in the bottom section to see where on your computer it is pointing to to see that file. You might also click the Sync Options button to check if any are set to anything other than Synchronize.

I ask because that's the only reason I can think you'd get any errors during the initial sync and also have to copy the files manually to any folder. With the previous version, that synched to the Program Files folder I can see why you might have wanted to do that. With this new version unless you are syncing multiple users or need to change the sync method you generally don't want to add the databases to Sync Exchange. Even if you are syncing with Access. You can just point to the DB in the normal sync folder if you are syncing with Access. Also, if you do have them set up in Sync Exchange to point to a folder other than the normal sync folder they won't show up in the normal sync folder.

Dave is correct that the Recent Files list may show databases that are not in the Sync folder, if you opened them from a different folder. If you don't have anything set up in Sync Exchange and everything is at it's default settings then you'll want to ignore any files not in that sync folder:
..\My Documents\HanDBase\WindowsMobile\USERNAME\
At least until they fall off the list.

As for Forms, the HanDBase Desktop will look for the forms file in the same folder that you open the database from.

What you might consider doing is making sure you have a good copy of the database and form, which may be the one on your device. If the good ones are not on the device then make a copy somewhere else on your computer, eg ..\My Documents\HanDBaseMaster\. Then delete or move the copies from ...\My Documents\HanDBase\ and ...\My Documents\HanDBase\WindowsMobile\USERNAME\. Delete any Sync Exchange entries. If the good ones are on your device then all you'll need to do is sync once more. If they are not on your device then delete or move the ones there from the ..\My Documents\HanDBase folder. Then re-install the good ones from ..\My Documents\HanDBaseMaster\ by copying them to the device through the Windows Mobile Device Center into ..\My Documents\HanDBase\ on the device.

I hope this clarifies this process some. If you like you can copy and paste your log file, or at least the parts with the errors, here so we can take a look at them.
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