Backing up to an External Drive

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Backing up to an External Drive

Postby fritzmom » Thu Mar 25, 2010 7:54 pm

Hi There,

I've been searching through the postings, and reading reading reading, but I'm not sure if I've found my answer.

I want to backup to an external USB drive, just in case PC goes south. I know that the DBs are still on my iTouch, but, without sounding paranoid :roll: , I would still like to have another backup around.

I've found a folder in My Documents: "Barbsipod" that seems to have all my DBs. If I copy that folder to a USB drive, will that be the backup I'm looking for? Then if my PC crashes, I can copy the whole folder, which I'm assuming also has the HanDBase Desktop app, to either a new PC or a fixed PC from the USB drive?

If I've answered my own question, then please forgive my ignorance, but, as my Mother always told me: "better to be safe, than sorry" !

Thanks in advance for your help
p.s. I really really like HanDBase. Can't wait until Forms is around for the iTouch. Then will I have FUN :D !
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