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HanDbase File Locations

Postby geoff » Sat Apr 10, 2010 9:10 pm

Having been working on a small project for a few weeks, I am still a little confused about what files are stored where, and how these locations are integrated with the synchronization process. Using version 4.1.5d & W7, I seem to have:

(1) A working folder (as I will call it) where I keep the master copies of my PDB and HDF files. In my case ..\My Documents\HanDbase\
(2) A Synch folder (as I will call it, as set up by MS MDC and HanDbase) (in my case ..\My Documents\Documents on PocketPC\HanDbase\..)
(3) a PDA folder (as I will call it) in my case ..\My Documents\HanDbase\WindowsMobile\k33\.. that seems to be a temporary store for PDB and HDF files) for the named pocketPC. This is created by HanDbase.

I now do an edit (say on both PDB and HDF files) on the files in the working folder I get the following:

(1) Before doing the edit I note that there is no PDB file in the PDA folder (only the HDF file is present)
(2) After the edit and save (to be installed on the PDA), the PDB and HDF files in the working folder are updated (as we should expect),
(3) A new PDB file appears in the PDA folder
(4) the HDF file in the PDA older had not been updated.
(4) The Synch folder remains unchanged.

I now plug in the PDA and allow the synch to complete, then open the database on the PDA to check the changes; then I get:

(1) The PDB file in the working folder is updated (expected)
(2) The HDF file in the working directory is unchanged (expected)
(3) Both PDB and HDF files in the Synch folder are updated (expected)
(4) The PDB file in the PDA folder has been removed
(5) The HDF file in the PDA folder has been updated.

It would be useful to get a clear description of what should be happening during this process as it would greatly help achieving a better understanding of just what HanDbase is doing, especially during development when we are likely to have changing versions being installed and synchronized.

A related issue concerns the list of Recent databases include in the startup dialog. I note that the PDB files in the PDA folder are included in this list as well as those in the Working folder. I have never opened the PDB files in the PDA folder from HandBase Desktop. It is my guess that these files are of a temporary nature and should not be the copy that is used for editing (as noted above they are often not there!) - or am I completely wrong?

I would appreciate your advice.

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