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Possibility of Ipad apps to run in LiOn OS

PostPosted: Sat Jun 18, 2011 7:09 pm
by richardmata555

What have you heard do far on the possibility of ipad apps running in Lions OSX?

I got this qoute in one forum

On Mac Dev Forums, someone said that one of the secret features in Lion will be the ability to run iOS apps on Mac.

They are totally separate architectures. Unless you expect Apple add support for another architecture or add all its iOS libraries to Mac plus recompile all apps for Intel I do not see it happening. There would be clear evidence in the operating system of either.

I sure hope this happens! Handbase IOS has definitely living to what it is really made for ( relational / designable , especially now with its forms/ able to print). Windows handbase is also great! Also able to Print Report!

I surely hope this is coming. Handbase Mac is as of now faraway from hanbase IOS. the truth is for me, the value of my device is dependent on its ability to run all the features of my handbase applet.

If ever this aint gonna happen yet, when will we be expecting the new Mac handbase update and will we be seeing some improvements like linking , printing, etc.


Re: Possibility of Ipad apps to run in LiOn OS

PostPosted: Mon Jun 20, 2011 8:56 am
by dhaupert
Hi Richard,

I hope you don't mind but I deleted the duplicate post you had on this forum to keep things tidy!

I have read those rumors as well but I highly doubt they are true. There is no technical reason this can't happen, but the fact that the final betas for Lion were already sent to developers and no such feature is in sight means it would be crazy for them to pop this feature out in July with no actual user testing!

The Simulator runs on Mac OS and does require a separate build, but it does run smooth and as fast as a real app (if you've tried a simulator on other platforms, you'll know that is definitely not the norm!). But while I think they could do this if they want, there is likely a reason that they haven't already. It's most likely a business reason.

I do plan on enhancing the mac desktop app over time, as I have been the past few years. But it's been a slow evolution not a fast development cycle. And it's far away from the iPad version or the Windows desktop version in features. I'm not sure it will ever reach the feature set of those, though I hope that for myself as a Mac user!

I have been looking into some programming libraries that make porting code from iOS to Mac easier. They haven't been too successful thus far, or highly regarded. But I may do some experimenting with them to see if at least some features can be implemented using the libraries more quickly than writing them from scratch. If that's the case, the DB Properties screen wouldn't be too far off the horizon!

But Reports, Forms, etc are not likely any time soon- sorry! As mentioned in other posts here there is a version of the windows desktop that runs on macs for those that need the features. Please give them a try!

Re: Possibility of Ipad apps to run in LiOn OS

PostPosted: Tue Jun 21, 2011 8:44 pm
by richardmata555
Thank you Dave!

Yes I guess thats the best way for now. Boot camp a Windows OS!

In my opinion , having the iOS to run on Mac is not that far in the future. With Microsoft doing something new, Apple would think its a great way to beat the competition. Specially now they launched the iCloud. As they said it is for the purpose to have your apps and songs sync with all your apple devices! Of course that must include Mac! Or else it wont be that meaningfull. IOS apps must run in Mac or else that multibillion facility wont be that significant.

I guess you can put your manpower more on IOS innovation, like adding REPORTS printing, etc, and of course to prepare for the new Windows 8! As I know it has a backward compatability so I do believe you dont need to start from scratch !


Re: Possibility of Ipad apps to run in LiOn OS

PostPosted: Fri Jun 24, 2011 3:24 pm
by Brian_Houghton
Hello Richard,

Have you tried the Windows build of HanDBase Desktop that runs via on a Mac via X11/darWINE? A copy should be available for download in your account as long as you are using HanDBase Plus for iOS / Mac. It would give you a fully working HanDBase environment, albeit not as pretty as the iPhone version, on your Mac.

Re: Possibility of Ipad apps to run in LiOn OS

PostPosted: Fri Jun 24, 2011 10:49 pm
by richardmata555
Thank you Brian,

I havent really did that in such a manner. Thanks for the tip. I'll give you a feedback



Re: Possibility of Ipad apps to run in LiOn OS

PostPosted: Tue Jun 28, 2011 4:29 am
by richardmata555
Hi Brian!

I gave it a try, the Darwine! It worked!

I never knew that existed. I wasnt that active in this forum before. What I usually did was to try the trial version of mac and because it didnt got the link functions , I decided not to buy.

So now I did bought it and yes the Darwine link was there in my account! Very easy to run! No need for me to windows boot camp my mac for now.

As an interim, I give it 4 over 5! Everything is almost there except for the Print Report function.

Thanks again for the tip!


Re: Possibility of Ipad apps to run in LiOn OS

PostPosted: Tue Jun 28, 2011 2:28 pm
by Brian_Houghton
Hi Richard,

Thanks for the update. Glad that it is working for you!

Re: Possibility of Ipad apps to run in LiOn OS

PostPosted: Fri Aug 05, 2011 6:04 pm
by richardmata555
Potential iOS and Mac OS unification...

Is Apple really seeking to unify all their platforms?

apple platform unification
So this week, Jeffries analyst Peter Misek made some pretty interesting headlines.

In reports related by both International Business Times and Forbes, he is claiming that Apple is planning to (using the power of its forthcoming quad-core “A6″ chip) start merging iOS and OS X as soon as late next year.

He claims that the merge will be completed by 2016 as 64-bit ARM processors become available to provide sufficient horsepower to run even professional-level OS X applications.

His quote:

“We expect OS merger to start in 2012-13 and complete in 2016. Our preliminary view is that Apple can use a 32-bit ARM architecture to address the vast majority of the OS X ecosystem’s needs in 2012-13 except for high-end professional devices. When 64-bit ARM is available in 2016, we believe Apple will have a single OS and hardware architecture,”

He also says that this is being fueled by Apple’s cloud ambitions, viewing a unified platform as key for seamless interaction with an online identity and associated content.

“Users want to be able to pick up any iPhone, iPad, or Mac (or turn on their iTV) and have content move seamlessly between them and be optimized for the user and the device currently being used,” writes Misek. “We believe this will be difficult to implement if iOS and OS X are kept separate.”

On one hand the whole thing is highly speculative and could just be wishful albeit creative thinking by an analyst. On the other hand, with Steve Jobs who can tell?

One thing is certain though and that is if there is a rush to platform unification, I see the fight primarily being between Microsoft and Apple. As for Google..well, they may have squandered too many opportunities with Chrome OS and they dont really have a mature desktop OS like their counterparts.

I got this ... platforms/