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Mac Desktop progress

PostPosted: Wed Dec 02, 2009 1:20 pm
by jrhurley
Hi all,

Just wondering how the Mac Desktop version of HanDBase is progressing? Several new features were aimed for release before the end of 2009, and with 29 days to go I was wondering if there's any progress on these? The Mac version sorely needs some added functionality!

Best wishes


Re: Mac Desktop progress

PostPosted: Tue Dec 08, 2009 3:22 pm
by dhaupert
Hi Jonathon,

Thanks for your posting and sorry for the delay in responding to you. Been in crunch time trying to finish up an iPhone version update that is long overdue. To answer your question, the plan was to have a series of HanDBase for Mac updates the first major one having been released in Spring 2009, and the at least one more this year and two more following. This plan is still in place, except the timeline has had to shift by a few months, as we encountered some big issues with our iPhone app and the App Store approval process this summer, where a fairly simple update caused us 2 months of headaches/heartaches getting approved. This has unfortunately shifted the entire timeline a bit, but we're still working out of that same playbook.

The hope is to have a development release of the next Mac Desktop update in late January/early February at this point. It won't have everything anyone ever wanted, it's just one of the 4 updates/phases planned for this app, but it should add several key features, like the Edit Record screen, selecting popups, etc. The one feature most people are after is the ability to design and edit the properties of databases. That will come in a later update.

I apologize for the delays for this- I am quite anxious to get this done myself, and it has caused me many sleepless nights in frustration, so I can't wait until we're past this delay!

Thanks for your patience.