Just Starting Out

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Just Starting Out

Postby Nobby231 » Fri Jul 12, 2013 3:55 pm

Hi All
I've written databases in Access for quite a while now but realise that I should plunge into Android development

A couple of questions
1 Can I develop a database on my windows 7 64bit pc and then have it run as a stand alone on an android tablet ( subject to buying the licence etc.)
2 I could only find part 5 of the tutorial on a Google search, and the tutorial kicks off assuming I have read the others, I really want to start at tutorial one and work through ( comparing my knowledge of access with my new android knowledge as I go along) can you link me to the whole tutorial please.
3 The main reason for developing for the android is I have a database written in access that I would like to port to the android, basically, an access combo box looks up a table with Printer makes and filters a master table to only show these Makes. another combo box looks at printer models and filters to only these and lastly a third combo looks at printer modules and filters until I have only a small list of products that fit all the criteria. is this kind of programming available to the android app

I realise that there is a lot to answer but thanks in advance
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