Guidelines for Posting in this forum

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Guidelines for Posting in this forum

Postby dhaupert » Mon Oct 18, 2010 9:09 am

Please read this before posting on here.

Due to the newness of the program and the large volume of posts it's becoming hard to keep organized within this section. If you wouldn't mind following these guidelines when posting, it will help us stay organized and able to better answer any questions or bug reports you may have:

- Unless your question/bug/post is directly related to what another user is seeing, I'd suggest starting a new topic so we can reply directly to you and your question does not get lost in the shuffle with the other topic.
- When posting, please be sure to mention what device and what OS you're using as it may help us determine a device-specific issue.
- Please also mention in the subject line whether you're posting about a possible bug, question or feature. That will really help!

Thanks in advance- I'm very excited about all the interest in the program and hope I can address all your questions and fix any bugs quickly.
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