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Plugins / external field type / phone field type

Postby rmuetze » Wed Sep 14, 2011 3:18 pm

Hello all,

handbase could be used to manage data like the contact telephone book. There are some example databases in the gallery. Normally one should have the following fields:

- firstname
- lastname
- telephone
- email
- ...

But currently there is no plugin or field type to directly make a telephone call or send an email to the contact out of handbase. The only way seems to be "copy & paste" the contact information to the communication-app (phone, email).

I found one plugin with such capabilities for windows devices: "Treo Dialer", see ... 94.141.249 But as mentioned, only for windows devices.

In your faq, there is one promising item: see ... 94.141.249
Do you have a timeline for a field type "phone number" or "email"?

Best regards, rmuetze
Best regards, rm
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