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Sync Problems

PostPosted: Tue Jan 03, 2012 1:38 pm
by VorlonShadow
When I sync between my Windows 7 machine and my Android Phone, I have two problems:

1) The categories on my phone change even though I have not changed them on the desktop. There are 2 categories I find confusing, Personal and Home. On my phone, I merge them all into Personal and delete Home. After a sync, the Home category comes back and it re-categorizes several of my databases back into the Home category.

2) In the Checkbook database, When you tap the Description to get a popup list of descriptions, there was a default list, none of which I used. I deleted all of these and added all of my own. When I re-sync, all of the old ones come back making it very hard for me to find my own descriptions and basically making that pop-up list useless. I can manually type the description in faster than I can find what I need in that large list.

Any way to fix these problems?