Syncing with the Nook HD Plus

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Syncing with the Nook HD Plus

Postby moneil » Fri May 10, 2013 3:37 pm

Yesterday I got a Barnes & Noble Nook HD Plus (9") tablet. I have been using a Nook Color with a N2A dual boot card as my field tablet. Both it and my Evo4G phone are old enough that HanDBase syncs flawlessly with the laptop through a USB cable, much I much prefer. Just last week Barnes & Noble opened up the entire Google Play Store to the Nook (at least the HD models, not sure about other models).

I installed HanDbase from the Google Play Store and set it up as an Android devise with wi-fi sync on the HanDBase desktop. The devices appear to have paired. I went to sync and the dialog box says:
Syncing with User: Nook HD Plus
1 forms in list

THEN an error message appears: Cannot create file C:\Users\Mike\Documents\HanDBase\NookHDPlus\.
EXCEPT, when I look through Windows Explorer that file IS there.

The Log shows:
05-10-2013 13:13: Synchronizing with User: Nook HD Plus
05-10-2013 13:13: HanDBase Professional for Android Add-on 4.6 Build R1
05-10-2013 13:13: Backing up new images on Nook HD Plus...
05-10-2013 13:13: Not Found: The Page being requested does not currently exist on the Server
05-10-2013 13:13: Error Saving Image: 0
05-10-2013 13:13: Backed up 0 images
05-10-2013 13:13: Backing up Forms on Nook HD Plus...
05-10-2013 13:13: Getting Forms List
05-10-2013 13:13: Got Forms List
05-10-2013 13:13: 1 forms in list

I tried 5 different syncs. The log report is the same for each. The laptop has Windows Vista Home.

I was going to manually move the HanDBase files over to begin with, but when I look at the Nook HD+ through Windows Explorer I see MTP Devise\Internal Storage. Under the various folders the only program that appears is anMoney. I can't see anything about HanDBase, though it is defiently installed and functional on the tablet.

I realize that Barnes & Noble "tweeks" the Android OS on their devices, and maybe this is part of the problem? I could purchase N2A for the HD+ and install it on a card and see if wi-fi sync will work under CyanogenMod 10. I do prefer the Nook interface, and with the Google Play Store now available I like having both my Nook and "generic" Android apps available together, without having to reboot between the two platforms.

Any ideas or suggestions will be greatly appreciated, and thank you in advance!

Oh how I miss the old Palm OS days when one connected their devise with a USB cable, hit ONE button ONE time and EVERYTHING synced "just like that". Before I purchased the new Nook I was seriously considering the Windows Surface Pro (NOT RT) but it just wasn't in the current tech budget ~ defiently the way I will probable go in the future.
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Re: Syncing with the Nook HD Plus

Postby Brian_Houghton » Tue May 28, 2013 1:02 am

Hi Moneil,

Thanks for posting.

Please accept my apologies for the delay in response. While I don't actually have a Nook the sync should be working without problem.

Did you by chance delete and recreate the sync partnership? I have seen a few instances where the initial partnership setup failed and this action was required.

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