Sync issues resolved

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Sync issues resolved

Postby valiants » Sun Jan 19, 2014 4:41 pm

I thought I would post this to help anyone else that may have similar problems
I have been trying for the last four weeks to get a successful shared users sync going between some of my DBs
They worked fine syncing between multiple win mobile devices. We have been using and fine tuning them for about 5 years now But we decided it was time to move on to android now as the forms are out. :D
But as soon as I tried to sync them with android devices,I had no end to errors
I finally tracked it down to 3 of the DBs that were causing the problems, but they all still opened, and worked well on the android And they all synced perfectly on win mobile
So l sent them to DDH to check out mean while I kept trying to find some patten to the errors
I used 3 different android devices to see if it was only my device but they all had errors although these were different on each device
Then I remembered back to when I last synced some DBs to Access and there were some problems to do with feilds being wrong
So I looked though all the fields in the suspect DBs and found some old calculated fields that did not have any calcs in them
e.g. if you went in to the calcs and tapped ok an error came up "invalid formula"this is because there was no formula in the calc field
After fixing this they all now sync :P :P

Note: for Dave, errors on the sync log while DBs were bad
Samsung S4: Error:a
Samsung S Duos: Error:S
Huawei IDEOS X5: Error: e
When the first error would come up, all other DBs would then have an Error:hÕ after them in the log
This seems to be to do with the fact that they are not being found, as the device will first say handbase must close
Also this error will come up if your connection is lost

Hope this may help someone
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