Field type "Relationship" ???

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Field type "Relationship" ???

Postby StreifLicht » Mon Dec 29, 2014 5:44 pm

I have the following situation so solve within HandBase:
I would like to build an Inventory database and would like to enter data the following way:

........ Room----------Storage ..........................
____> Room1--------Storage1a

WHICH means:
WHEN Room1 is selected THEN the DropdownList of Field Storage should show "Storage1a, Storage1b and Storage1c".
WHEN Room2 is selected THEN the DropdownList of Field Storage should show "Storage2a, Storage2b and Storage2c".
WHEN Room3 is selected THEN the DropdownList of Field Storage should show "Storage3a and Storage1c".

Is this setup/database design possible with HandBase?

Best regards
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Re: Field type "Relationship" ???

Postby Brian_Houghton » Thu Jan 01, 2015 12:27 pm


Thanks for posting.

Do you only want the storage options to appear, or are you wanting contents (fields) associated with these storage areas to appear?

If you only want the storage labels to appear, options to consider include:

- having a different popup field with different choices for each of the rooms
- using a single popup that included nested choices

If you want records (perhaps with information about these areas) to show based on which room you select, you could:

- create a second database that contains the different information in records
- incorporate a relationship field in the parent database that associates a piece of data (the value of a specific field) with a piece of data in the child (the value of a specific field)

Then when you follow the relationship you would end up seeing only those fields that share the related piece of information (storage identity in this case, it would seem).
Kind Regards,
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Re: Field type "Relationship" ???

Postby mjhanna » Thu Jan 01, 2015 3:26 pm

Hi SL,

I use Brian's suggestion of "...using a single popup that included nested choices" on my Android and it works quite well. For example, in your case you could have the list of Rooms as the top item. When you touch the field for storage location you would see that list of rooms as a popup. Touching a room entry would change the popup to only show the list of various possible storage locations which you nested under that entry. Then simply touching a storage location in that list would save that value/name in this record. In my case I use the "Replace Value" option.

You should consider what you choose to name your nested values. Your example name of "Storage1b" would certainly show by the digit '1' that it was in room 1. In my case, however, I preferred to actually use a hyphenated name for the nested value consisting of a combination of the top name and the nested name. Using your example a nested value under "Room 2" could have the full name of "Room 2 - Bin B".

Hope this gives you ideas.
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