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Re: HanDBase for Android - new forum created

Postby dhaupert » Fri Jun 25, 2010 12:05 am

hlmbus wrote:Can you set up something so we can get an email notification when handbase for android this is released?

Good question- please email at the address listed below and I'll put you on the notify list for the launch!
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HanDBase Forms

Postby acrobat » Sat Jun 26, 2010 2:00 pm

Dear Dave,

What is the status of a forms program for the android version of HanDBase? One of the key potential advantages of this program on android as compared to the iPhone is the less iron clad interface rules. Hence, I don't think there would be any limitations for you from the android marketplace. I would like to be able to use the whole screen of a device like the HTC Evo 4g for complex databases rather then scrolling like one has to do on the iPhone. I have been able to create databases like this for the windows mobile platform but would desperately like to move to either the iPhone or android. HanDBase is key for that move. I also hope the android version will be flexible enough to sync via WiFi and to have an ability on the desktop side to sync with other database programs, especially FileMaker.

Thanks and keep up the great work!

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Re: HanDBase for Android - new forum created

Postby dhaupert » Mon Jun 28, 2010 10:57 am

Agreed on the less restrictions for the UI. A definite benefit for sure in this case!

Forms is something that is not a core part of HanDBase as an application- it's something that is ancillary and while highly useful, it's not something we include with every version of HanDBase. There are several reasons for this, with the main one being that it took 2 man years of development just to implement this on the Palm platform! While I doubt it would take us two man years today having the format of the database already laid out, I don't doubt that the development of forms on a platform is still almost as involved as the entire rest of the core program. Thus if we waited to have forms for Android, we'd be waiting an additional 6-8 months beyond the initial development of HanDBase for Android.

While I know it's important to have forms for some customers, I do know that not all solutions require them and thus I feel it's better to release a program and then gauge interest in that platform/version before investing another half a year or more of work into a forms solution for it. In the case of iPhone, we've established that there is a great user base now of HanDBase on that platform, and there is great interest in developing it, so after about 6 months, we committed to doing a forms version there. Development is in early stages and won't be complete until well after the Android version of HanDBase ships. But it will most likely come out before any Android version just due to the head start and the size of the userbase on that platform.

Now if we suddenly sell more copies of Android HanDBase than the iPhone has in almost 2 years, that could reprioritize things a bit, but that's an unlikely (but wonderful) scenario! But in actuality it's not even set in stone that we'd do an Android version of the forms add-on because we don't know how well the HanDBase product itself will be received. Based on the response on this forum from users, I'd say I have high hopes that we'll have enough demand for the product to start looking at a forms product soon after launch!

I hope that long answer makes sense- I am trying to be as transparent as possible about our decisions so customers can see what it takes to make these types of business decisions and that they are not arbitrary in any way!
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