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Android by faith

Postby TedETGbiz » Thu Feb 25, 2010 3:20 pm

Years ago I wrote a HanDBase app. for our company on the Palm OS for tracking time, expenses, mileage, etc. After using several Palm devices over the years, I was forced to go to the Motorola Q with Windows Mobile because of some other issues. Since it was not a touchscreen/stylus device, I never rewrote the apps, and our internal tracking of time, etc. has suffered ever since. Last Nov. I moved up the the Droid, because I believe Google/Android are moving in the right direction, and because (till this day) the iPhone is only available from the Great Satan (whose network stank around here until recently, and even now doesn't work in places I regularly go). But ... with 20K apps in the Android Marketplace, I haven't seen anything with the power of HanDBase.

Folks-- are you going to port this amazing app to Android???

Having been a software developer, I realize that will be a big undertaking. Yes, the Android market is fragmenting some (like Java, I guess) and therefore will be a headache. Nevertheless-- Android penetration doubled in 2009 Q4, and this post [ ... are-in-q4/ ] predicts massive growth by Q3 of this year. Yes, the iPad is coming-- but so are netbooks, and they will be running Android/Chrome/something-besides-Windows in massive numbers. Besides, you have already ported to the Pre (although it might have been easier because Palm made it that way).

I'm willing to upgrade to HanDBase v4 and start developing a new app. in Windows IF you are looking at HB on Android sometime this year. I'll have to buy the Windows Ent. edition so I can get started on the Q, then hook the database back into the Droid when the port comes out. Frankly, this is a real bottleneck for our company, and I imagine there are others out there who don't want the expense of a BES and aren't using the iPhone for reasons similar to mine.

Thanks for any input you can give us on this... :)
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Re: Android by faith

Postby dhaupert » Mon Mar 01, 2010 11:17 am

Hi there,

Thanks for your post and enthusiasm! Please read the other topics here as we announced that HanDBase for Android is in development (hence why we even have a category for this product!). No known release date at this time, but hoping to have it available by summer, possibly earlier.
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