HanDBase Reporter for Android?

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HanDBase Reporter for Android?

Postby Boscovec » Wed Jul 14, 2010 11:20 am


With your work on the Android version, I know its one step at a time. Any possibility of Reporter getting to Android as well? I have found just about everything I require to make the leap: Office Applications, Bluetooth Keyboard support (through a driver by a third party vendor), and eventually HanDBase.

I'm the guy who wanted text output from Reporter and used to use Pocket Report. I found a workaround and now use Reporter to generate that output. The syntax was easy, but getting around the character limitations was a bit more difficult, but I found ways to do it. Probably shouldn't have started a complicated large one that early. I found that Reporter sent it's output to PrintBoySpool.pdb. If I copy the file to my SD card with FileZ, iSilo will open the file so I can view it. Then I copy the whole mess to the clipboard, paste it into a Memopad instance in Wordsmith. As there is a lot of undesired text produced as well, it is easily removed with Find/Replace, then onto spell checking. It is easy to email it from there. The whole process only takes about two or three minutes.

Now Reporter has become an indispensable app, as well.

For me the good news is if the Treo bit the dust today, I could be back in business in one day with a new device (in workaround mode until HanDBase for Android is complete).

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Re: HanDBase Reporter for Android?

Postby dhaupert » Wed Jul 14, 2010 1:15 pm

Hi Dave,

Thanks for your interest in the Android version. It sure sounds like you've done a lot of 'hacking' to get the reporter doing what you want. I'm amazed at your dedication!

I wouldn't rule out an Android version of Reporter in the future. I know it's certainly not part of the 1.0 goal for the app, and it would likely rank behind custom forms support to customers, but it's something I'd be open to developing some day if the demand is there by customers! Just to give you an idea of the demand for the reporter tool- the iPhone app has been out for nearly 2 years and we still don't have a reporter version for it, so it seems that not many people are clamoring for this capability. Maybe on Android it will be different..

Take care!
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