Poll: Forms Designer platform of choice

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What platform do you plan on using to design/develop your forms for HanDBase?

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Poll: Forms Designer platform of choice

Postby dhaupert » Fri Feb 18, 2011 11:50 am

Hi all,

Per another topic, I mentioned I would post a poll to get your thoughts on some forms initiatives for this year. As most of you are aware, forms support is in development for both iPhone and iPad versions of HanDBase. Supporting forms means supporting the ability to create forms for use on these devices as well as supporting displaying and processing these forms. The latter is done first and what I've been working on for many months. Getting close to the point where I would want to get working on the design portion of the product.

The question then comes down to where you'd prefer to design your forms. Some users in the past enjoyed working on them on their Windows desktops and others wanted to do it right on the device. Now in this era we also have Macs to support on the desktop side as well. So the question below will help me prioritize which platform to deliver a forms designer first.

Long term, support is possible in all places, so just wanting to know which is your preference for the initial release.
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