Follow-up question to Attached Photo Expand to Full Screen

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Follow-up question to Attached Photo Expand to Full Screen

Postby LAF » Tue Aug 09, 2011 7:09 pm

Follow-up question to earlier thread on allowing attached photo to expand to full screen. (I put the question on the original thread, but I think it got overlooked)

The enlarged image capability [available with the optional forms addon] is an exciting and unexpected new feature! But I am trying to understand how it will work. Will it go something like the following?

1. For new images captured AFTER installing the update, will HanDBase retain the original pixel size as well as a thumbnail size, and then use whichever one, original or thumbnail that is called for at the moment?

2. For existing images in existing databases, will they be grainy in expanded form?

Or will it be possible to resave the image in order to have a larger pixel version incorporated into the file?

Thank you.
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