Filtering a DB Popup list ?

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Filtering a DB Popup list ?

Postby Tungsten » Tue Dec 13, 2011 3:46 am


I have a Service Job Relational DB that includes the following tables (DB's):

1. Customers
2. List of machines
3. Service Job

Fields within the 'Sevice Job' DB include:

1 Customers' field (DB Popup back to 'Customers' table)
2. 'Machine' field ( DB Popup back to 'List of machines' table)

This works fine but in the case of the 'Machine' Popup it brings up a table containing over 1000 records. Having to scroll to the relevant record is tiresome.
Is it possible to somehow filter this DB Popup list using the Customer value from step 1. Therefore bringing up a list of machines for that particular customer.

Any help on this would be most welcome


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