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Buttons on Forms

PostPosted: Tue May 29, 2012 2:28 pm
by uboche
For one of my databases I created a form on the iPad. The form has been working quite nicely on the iPad and on Windows - until I edited a record on Windows via the form. I suddenly discovered I had no way to save the changes to the record. It turns out that on the iPad, there are OK and CANCEL buttons in the header bar of the form. The OK button, as can be expected, saves changes to the record made in the form. On Windows, these buttons are not present, they have to be added explicitly as part of the form. After I edited the form on Windows and added an OK button with the function "Save and close", I can now edit the records and save the changes with the OK button.

So, when you create a form on the iPad that you also want to use on Windows, you need to add the appropriate buttons (OK and, possibly, CANCEL) to make the form fully usable.