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Linking / Relationship question

Postby VelvetLounger » Mon Jun 04, 2012 2:41 pm

I have three tables that I have linked.

Sites \
Devices /

Both Sites and Devices are separately Link/Linked to Logins, and both tables are able to create new login information. Normally when you link from either parent table you can only see the logins that were created by that parent table.

I want to be able to start at the Sites table and create a link that shows me all logins regardless of which parent table created the login information.

Starting from the Sites parent table, is there a way to use the Relationship field to create a way to view all Logins records regardless of which parent table was used to create the record? This would just be used to view all logins, and not create new ones.

I have tried creating a conditional field in the Logins table that looks at both Linked fields. If one Linked field is empty it fills in with the data from the other. I have then tried using the Relationship field to link to the conditional field. But this does not seem to work.

Any suggestions would help

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