Known Bugs in HanDBase v4.8.711 for iPad

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Known Bugs in HanDBase v4.8.711 for iPad

Postby dhaupert » Mon Oct 29, 2012 9:55 am

The following bugs have been confirmed in HanDBase for iPad v4.8.711

Description: Changing the encryption setting of a field while there are encrypted records will result in a record that won't decrypt later.
Notes: The program should block the change of settings for a field while data is encrypted. In the interim, if you wish to change the Encrypt/Do Not Encrypt status of a field while records are encrypted via the 'Encrypt Marked Fields On Record Close' option, make sure you use the Decrypt All Records button to decrypt every record before changing those settings!

Description: Hide/Show DB List button doesn't change state appropriately. In prior versions, if the DB list was hidden in landscape mode, the button would change its caption to read 'Show DB List', but now always reads 'Hide DB List'.
Notes: This does not effect the functionality of the button, which still works as designed. It's just confusing to the user since the button behavior is not always obvious!

Please note that only the bugs that have been confirmed and duplicated here are listed above. If you see any other possible bugs, feel free to email with a description or to reply to this post and we'll try to get it verified and fixed for the next update!
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