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Form crashes and disappears

PostPosted: Sun Jun 23, 2013 10:54 pm
by ccshick
I use a database with 53 fields and two different forms to get different views. I also use several additional databases some with forms and some without. I bought a new Ipad have transferred my info to the new Ipad. The 53 field database transfers to the new machine but I am having trouble with the form. The log shows that it has transferred but it does not appear in the database properties-forms window. After several unsuccesful attempts I tried to re-create the form on the new Ipad from scratch. When I get about 95% of the form completed, the screen freezes. I have saved the form several times during construction, but when I go back to the forms list, there is nothing there. This database has worked fine on the old machine. I have erased and downloaded the software a couple times. Any ideas?