HanDBase for iPad v4.9.02 submitted to the App Store

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HanDBase for iPad v4.9.02 submitted to the App Store

Postby dhaupert » Sat Sep 21, 2013 9:39 am


Just submitted v4.9.02 to the App Store. Here's what is new:

New features in 4.9.02:

- Keyboard for Integer and Float fields now uses the numeric dial-pad style keyboard
- Increased Max categories supported

Bug fixes for 4.9.02

- Selecting Camera caused Crash under iOS7
- Show Database List Toggle icon moves when you return from DB properties out of list view
- If Microsoft Skydrive was installed, HanDBase attachments would not launch HanDBase. Added the UTI type that Microsoft was using for PDB files to HanDBase to prevent this.
- Run Report Screen- if the values you were totaling were all 0, the program could crash due to a divide by 0 error when calculating stats .
- Strange artifact showing in run report screen on iOS7
- Setting Field Name above FIeld Value overlaps the two vertically in the Edit Record screen
- Long text in Edit Record screen would keep scrolling up so you couldn't see where the cursor was.
- Email record as text was not including headers.
- Popup list can get cut off in a custom form if really long
- Last Edited record not in view when you return from adding a record. Needs to scroll up
- Edit Record screen, under iOS7 changed margins were making some columns not line up
- Remove Separate Editor options- no need for this screen any more with the new functionality of the editor in the Edit Record screen

Hope it's approved quickly- will let you know when it is live!
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