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Known Bugs in HanDBase for iPad 4.9.02

PostPosted: Sat Sep 28, 2013 11:11 pm
by dhaupert
Here are the bugs we've confirmed in the iPad version:

- Crash on DB Popup select in some instances
- Further refinement of Text scrolling needed in Edit Record screen. When entering multiple pages of text in a note field sometimes doesn't recenter cursor position in the visible portion of the screen.
- Forms screen editor tint color for iOS7 on iPad is off (gray instead of blue)
- Fixed disappearing Choose Database icon if auto-database close was set.
- Date/Time Picker on iPad Dark Theme missing buttons to save/cancel in Edit Record screen
- Color Picker on iPad was offset and missing Choose and Cancel buttons which were offscreen.

All of the above have been addressed for 4.9.03, submitted to the App Store on 9/28/13. Hope they will approve it quickly!

Sorry for the inconvenience.