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Inventory Capability Query

PostPosted: Wed Jan 08, 2014 10:49 am
by ElleC
I'm very interested I'm downloading the HanDBase for iPad as I finally think I've found something that will work for me but have two queries before I do go ahead:

1) inventory capabilities:

I create jewellery pieces,each of which are made up of many parts. I would like a database of "pieces ", "parts" and "invoices" (sold pieces) whereby I create a "recipe" for a jewellery piece made up of multiple parts, once one of these jewellery pieces is sold I'd like the parts inventory updated to reflect the reduced stock automatically BUT the parts quantity in the pieces page to remain (so I can go back later and see how to recreate certain pieces). I would also like to be able to calculate the cost of each piece from the sum of all the individual parts. Is this something that is fairly simple to set up? Moving forwards I'd also like to be able to store receipts of the bought parts.

2) desktop app
If I also download the desktop application will I be able to view my ipad database on it? And is there an additional download cost?

I'm sorry I hope I make sense
Kindest regards