New user. Problem after iPad installation

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New user. Problem after iPad installation

Postby andhyj » Wed Mar 26, 2014 5:23 am

my name is Andrea.

1) I have a problem with configuration.
I installed the app on my iPad mini but I don't see the right side of the display.
I don't see the side of the desk. On the right side I find a little tutorial (4 pages).

Can you help me?

2) I would like to set up the database for clients of my tattoo shop.
which database already set up I could use?
data: customer payments, photos, dates, etc.

Sorry if I made trivial questions but I am new to this world.

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Re: New user. Problem after iPad installation

Postby dhaupert » Wed Mar 26, 2014 12:02 pm

Hi Andrea,

Thanks for your post and welcome! I am guessing you're seeing a screenshot for an older version of the program. We used to display the desktop along the right side but when iOS7 came out last fall, apps were encouraged to do away with skeuomorphism (the use of real world metaphors in apps). So we did away with that desktop and replaced it with a tips section. When you are in landscape you should see the list of databases along the left, and if you are in portrait you can tap the button at the top left to bring up that screen and from there you can perform any of the functions of the program.

To answer your second question, I haven't heard of any other tattoo shops using HanDBase before so this is very exciting! I can envision HanDBase on an iPad being used even as a way to show clients examples of prior work (instead of the venerable photo album!).

I have a database on the gallery that is more generic and may be a good starting point for you to customize: ... &record=92

You may want to give that a try and of course post if you have any questions on how to get a photo section added, or other aspects!

Good luck to you.
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