Growth Charts or percentages

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Growth Charts or percentages

Postby src532 » Wed Mar 26, 2014 11:30 am

Hi -

I am building an EHR (electronic health record) system and want to keep track of the baby's weight. So weight is a number and then based on the number of days old (this I managed to calculate already in handbase) and the sex of the baby - I can find out which percentage they are at. It is not evenly distributed - so I have tons of numbers. I am just not sure how to manage this. I have a patient record and then many "visits" and each "visit" has the current weight and the calculated current age etc.

I am really impressed with handbase and I have gotten quite far in my system so far. Many questions that I had I found answers to in this forum but I could use some suggestions for this. I would be happy with just displaying the percent they are at.

Month L M S 2nd (2.3rd) 5th 10th 25th 50th 75th 90th 95th 98th (97.7th)
0 0.3809 3.2322 0.14171 2.394672 2.532145 2.677725 2.932331 3.2322 3.55035 3.852667 4.040959 4.23043022
1 0.1714 4.1873 0.13724 3.161067 3.326209 3.502477 3.814261 4.1873 4.590075 4.979539 5.225436 5.4754539
2 0.0962 5.1282 0.13 3.941053 4.13172 4.335355 4.695944 5.1282 5.596104 6.049862 6.337067 6.62967897
3 0.0402 5.8458 0.12619 4.53604 4.745935 4.970282 5.368044 5.8458 6.364222 6.868317 7.188096 7.51447955

From - ... weight.htm

Thanks - Stephanie
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Re: Growth Charts or percentages

Postby dhaupert » Wed Mar 26, 2014 12:14 pm

Hi Stephanie,

Thanks for your post and the kind words. This is an interesting case- are you wanting to be able to display the closest percentile that matches a baby's weight at a given age? That's a tricky one to solve- if it were exact matches, I can see it being fairly easy as we can use the relationship field type as a lookup table into this growth chart. But since it's a range, a lookup would not really work.

I'm just brainstorming here and maybe someone else may have some suggestions, but what if we used relationships to grab the values at various percentiles and then a series of conditional fields to evaluate where the baby sits within those values. Here's a simplified example:

Lets say we have three percentiles 25, 50 and 75 to keep this shorter.
We would have our table of percentiles like this:


Now in the other table where you have the babies age calculated, you add a few relationship fields to retrieve the values for 25%, 50%, and 75%
Field Name: 25% Relationship where Age of Baby field matches the Age field of this Growth Chart table, bring over the 25% value
Field Name: 50% Relationship where Age of Baby field matches the Age field of this Growth Chart table, bring over the 50% value
Field Name: 75% Relationship where Age of Baby field matches the Age field of this Growth Chart table, bring over the 75% value

Now we can add a conditional field where we compare the babies weight to the 25% value above:
Field Name: Is 25%: If Baby Weight > 25% output is 25, else output is 0.
We can add an additional one where we compare to the 50%:
Field Name: Is 50% If Baby Weight > 25% output is 50, else output is 'Is 25%'.
And finally one where we compare to the 75%:
Field Name: Is 75% If Baby Weight > 75% output is 75, else output is 'Is 50%'.

So following through this you will see that the output of 'Is 75%' will contain the percentile value that the baby weight is higher than. You can add more of these for all of the percentile tiers you need to show.

Hopefully the above makes sense and meets your needs?
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