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Forms conditional visibility

Postby Alanwestwood » Mon Apr 14, 2014 3:03 am

I must say that the more I use your Forms add-on the more I realise how powerful it is - its excellent!

A couple of observations, not really bugs or grumbles. Firstly, I wish the conditional visibility would allow me to select whether a control is visible based on a field value being either non-zero or zero, not just non-zero as it is now. There is a workaround - create a conditional field to be zero or one based on the other field to reverse its polarity and use this new field for the conditional visibility. But its a bit of an unnecessary guddle to do that, at least in my opinion.

Secondly, if I do a lot of form editing, especially moving and resizing objects, the form is liable to losing the guidelines for aligning controls, and sometimes freezes completely (all other apps forced to quit). After a force quit and restart the changes have so far always been saved though. Again, a simple workaround is to quit the forms designer and restart the app periodically if doing a lot of editing.

But these are fairly small things really. The forms designer is great.

Regards, Alan.
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