Problem with using a calculated field

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Problem with using a calculated field

Postby USMampoer » Wed Aug 06, 2014 11:47 am

I have just purchased the app for IPAD with the forms add-on. I have used this many years ago for the PocketPC

I have created a dbase from scratch with 4 fields : Interest ( float ) , Price ( float ) term ( integer ) and payment ( Calculated )

I then add the following formula interest(1+interest)^term for the calculated field and I save, the app delates everything from the calculated field except the first value "interest"

I then tried to use values instead of fields but I could not enter 0.05 it would stop at the point.

I erased everything started again and now I get an error that I have exceeded the calulated elements ( how can I exceed that? )

I need help, please.
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Re: Problem with using a calculated field

Postby dhaupert » Wed Aug 06, 2014 4:25 pm

Hi there,

Thanks for purchasing- it's good to have you back as an active user!

Unlike a spreadsheet that stores the formula and parses it on the fly as text, we convert the formula to a binary representation so it will be as fast as possible. There is an operator and operand limit in the storage so when you get to a certain amount, you run out. The docs explain the limits if you're curious. But looking at your formula, it appears you're missing the multiplication operand- we require that so you can't just put something like interest(1+interest), you'd instead have to do interest * (1+ interest)... Perhaps that is the issue?

Regarding the limit of operations, what you do in HanDBase to work around this is chain multiple fields together. So if you had something like this:
field1+field2+field3+field4+field5+field 6...
you would do something like this:
calc1 = field1+field2+field3+field4+field5
calc2 = calc1+field 6+...

Make sense?
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