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Re: Replicating and naming dbs

Postby dhaupert » Tue Aug 26, 2014 7:51 pm

I used untitled.pdb as an example, as often times people forget to name a database and then when they exit they wind up with a file of that name. In re-reading your posts, it seems you are doing something completely different and I'm not quite following your sequence of events. Could you provide me a more detailed step by step of what you're doing? For example, you say you're backing up the database, but how are you doing it? What method do you use specifically within the app. If you could provide a numbered set of steps you take maybe I can better understand your dilemma!
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Re: Replicating and naming dbs

Postby Alanwestwood » Wed Aug 27, 2014 1:40 am

Hi Dave,

To backup my databases I normally just Open-In to FileBrowser and store copies in that app (I've also got Pages, Numbers, and Keynote documents there, and many pdfs - every month or so I connect from FileBrowser to my PC and copy all the files to a USB stick, as an additional safeguard).

My big mistake was when working on my database and experimenting with some calculated fields, which I later decided not to use. At that time I was not aware of the database/filename issue, so I just changed the name of the database I was working on to Cycling.temp and then loaded the backup copy by Open-In from FileBrowser. HanDBase loaded without complaint (with a message telling me Cycling had been received OK) but to my surprise it was listed as Cycling(1). When I renamed it to Cycling, the relationship with my Equipment database was re-established fine, and I deleted Cycling.temp. But from then on Cycling would only export (and re-import) as Cycling(1).

I guess if I had deleted Cycling.temp before loading the backup version the hidden filename conflict would not have happened and the backup would have loaded as Cycling, not Cycling(1). In ordinary use of apps on my iPad, which now totally replaces my Mac/PC, I rarely delete a file before loading a backup, in case of any problems because iOS does not have a waste basket I can retrieve from. So I rename the file, then after the backup is loaded and checked, then I delete the old file. Clearly, I cannot use that approach with HanDBase.

Hope that explains how I created my mess within your app. But, once bitten....

All the best, Alan.
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