No headers displayed after 4.9.074

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No headers displayed after 4.9.074

Postby jfh » Tue Jan 16, 2018 7:36 pm

Running on iOS 10 on an iPad

Noticed after the latest update the header line doesn't appear in any view in any database.

How do I get the headers to display?

The headers are fine on my iPhone which is still on .73

Update: iPhone updated to .74 version. Phone on 10.3.3. HanDBase crashes when opening any database. :(

*** Related problem: I delete HanDBase on my phone to try and fix the problem. Now I cannot figure how to get the images database from my iPad to my phone. I was able to get the file from my iPad to laptop with Desktop Connect, but cannot figure out how to get the images file from laptop to iPhone! Help!!!
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