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HanDBase for iPad FAQs Posted

Postby dhaupert » Mon Apr 19, 2010 2:59 pm

The following FAQs were just posted to the Support Knowledgebase:

iPad FAQs:

Q: Is HanDBase for iPhone compatible with the iPad?
A: Yes, HanDBase for iPhone is compatible with the Apple iPad and runs fine on the device. We have a separate version of HanDBase for iPad specific for these devices, but it's not required if you already purchased HanDBase for iPhone.

Most any iPhone app written will run on an iPad and can be run in one of two modes:

1x - showing the iPhone application pixel for pixel as it would look on the iPhone screen. Large black borders surround this since the iPads resolution is higher than the iPhone.

2x - scaling the iPhone screen by a factor of 2 so it better fills the larger screen on the iPad.

Each of these have their downsides- the first seems very small and out of place on the iPad since it takes no advantage of the bigger screen. The 2x option fills the screen but for text based applications, looks blocky, blurry or jagged.

Because of this, developers like us can create a version of HanDBase that is optimized for the big screen. HanDBase for iPad does this and offers unique features to match the capabilities of the platform. For example, in landscape mode, you can easily switch between databases because the Choose Database screen and the List view/View Record screens show side by side. We also support the document sharing features offered in the iPad version of the iPhone OS among several other new features.

Q: Why don't you make the iPad version of HanDBase part of the iPhone version? Isn't it possible to make a universal application that runs optimized for either platform - iPhone or iPad?

A: It is indeed possible to make a universal application that is optimized for both the iPhone and the iPad. This version would need to include both sets of code and all images and other resources for both versions. One downside of this is that the resulting application requires more space than needed since it's holding two sets of many items. But with the large space available on iPhones and iPads, that's not really the cause of concern.

HanDBase for iPad took several man-months of work to complete, having to adjust for every one of several dozen screens within HanDBase, and re-factor many aspects for the split screen and modal views supported by the new iPad platform. We spent this time working on this version in lieu of other opportunities that could generate new income for our business. We would love to be able to deliver all this work free to iPhone HanDBase users, but the fact is that we need to survive as a company and generate income for the work we perform to pay our bills and employees.

So rather than include HanDBase for iPad in the universal binary for the iPhone version, and rely on extra time to work on this version while spending our bread-and-butter time on other versions of HanDBase and other products, we prioritized and dedicated much time and effort to get it to users as quick as we could and with a full set of features and enhancements. We hope that users will be delighted to support this new version with their hard-earned money because of all it offers them on their iPads. If not, then hopefully they will still enjoy using HanDBase for iPhone on their iPads, since it is fully compatible.

One thing we wanted to do but couldn't, is to provide a discounted price for existing users of the HanDBase for iPhone version so they wouldn't have to pay full price. Unfortunately there is no support for Coupon codes or upgrade discounts available in the App Store. What we did do is offer the iPad version for a lower price than originally planned, knowing that the iPad version would be bought by many users who already bought HanDBase on some platform or another. In addition, we made the HanDBase for iPhone Plus and Professional add-ons compatible with the iPad so that you would not need to purchase another conduit or desktop to use the optimized HanDBase for iPad version with your computer.

Q: Can I run HanDBase for iPad on my iPhone?

A: The HanDBase for iPad version is specifically designed to run only on iPad devices.

Q: Does HanDBase for iPad support HanDBase custom designed forms?

A: Just like the iPhone version, the HanDBase for iPad version will automatically generate a scrolling form of the fields you create/design. On some platforms we offer a tool called HanDBase Forms which gives you the power to custom design these forms with a drag and drop designer. You then have the power to create forms that completely suit your needs, by providing screens that jump from one to another via tabs or wizard-like buttons, adding images and backgrounds, etc.

This tool is not available for HanDBase for iPad (or HanDBase for iPhone) at this time, but is in development and planned for a future product release. More info will be available as we get closer to launch!
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