Plea for App Store reviews

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Plea for App Store reviews

Postby dhaupert » Tue May 18, 2010 9:18 am


If you've read the other posts on this topic, you'll know that although HanDBase for iPad has not even been released for 3 weeks yet, about 3 days after it was launched, an update was sent to Apple to fix the problems reported. I worked very hard to make sure we got a fix version done, tested, and out as soon as possible so users wouldn't have to deal with those bugs for long.

Unfortunately Apple has yet to approve that update. In fact, they took about a week and turned it down because they found a very rare instance where it was possible to see more than one popover on the screen at once, and thought that may confuse the user. I fixed that the day they reported and resubmitted, but still waiting for this critical bug fix update to pass through to customers. I have a feeling that no user would care that if they pressed the tools button in rapid succession, they'd see more than one popover, but apparently Apple's App Store reviewers thought that was more important than getting the bug fixes to you!

The last few days the sales for the iPad has taken a drastic slide, and I noticed that there are 4 negative reviews in a row, commented on the bugs that have been fixed here for nearly two weeks now. This is extremely disheartening. There are many great reviews that were posted in the first few days, but it seems customers are frustrated that the bugs have not been fixed- and their displeasure results in financial woes for us- those reviews always have a poor effect.

I take heart when I read positive comments sent to me via email and posted here- I know a lot of people have appreciated all the hard work that went into the program, and for that I'm grateful. But I wanted to ask a favor to those of you who have enjoyed the program and do appreciate that work- if you wouldn't mind taking a quick moment and writing a positive review, I'd be very grateful. Feel free to even comment on the status of those bugs if you'd like. I wish Apple had a way for developers to comment on reviews to clarify things and answer questions. There are a few reviews there that say something can't be done when it can, and some that ask questions that I can't answer.

I know that many developers review their own apps, or have their employees do it. I have never done that on moral grounds, and won't do so this time either. But I have faith in the product and especially our customers, that they will both speak for themselves in a positive way that will benefit all of us.

Thanks for reading and your time!
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